“Dead, darkened, and decayed, the Mana Wastes are a bleak reminder of what sorcery leads to. The mass amounts of lifeblood ripped from the surroundings have warped the landscape into a ghastly shadow of itself. Formerly grand oaks are now barren and leafless. The lush grass that had once coated the land is now pallid and stiff, creating an ashen blanket across the ground floor. The many bushes have been mutated by the uncontrolled magics into massive tendrils of briar and thorn. Within these are caves which house gods know what - for the few animals that survive the Wastes have been twisted by the wild energies here, creating savage monstrosities capable of dismembering prey in seconds.”                 
- Allissana Shadestrider, Huntress
“I looked upon the land, and saw the wrath that our ancestors had wrought upon it. The carelessness of our forefathers has damned it to an eternity of chaos - the abomination of it forever shifting and worsening.”
- Upon seeing the Wastes for the first time.

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