Based on the island of ___, the Bureau resides within the city of Bulwark - which largely exists as a way to support the Bureau itself. The island is home to many of the world’s most renowned craftsmen - fittingly, it is perhaps the best place to come if one needs weapons or armor. Despite being the home of a major legal institution, Bulwark is the home of a vast and thriving black market, likely due to it also being the home of a wide variety of adventurers, some of whom are merely interested in a quick buck.

The Bureau of Adventuring exists as an institution to better harness (and to an extent, check) the influence that adventurers, mercenaries, etc. have upon the world. It was formed in response to an epidemic of vigilanteering - the issue was so widespread that the most viable option was to legalize it in a far more manageable fashion. The BoA is a highly bureaucratic organization - forms are the bread and butter of the region.

In order to be recognized as an adventurer, one must undergo an extensive background check, as well as a skill evaluation to demonstrate that you are capable of taking on any dangers within assigned missions. After acceptance, you are given a classification based on your skillset.

In addition, you would also be given what the Bureau calls the “Adventurer’s Signet Ring” - in essence, an official designation that you are an adventurer, which affords you certain rights, such as access to areas normally off-limits to citizens. In addition, the ring contains a small carved Aberration bone, which powers an inlaid communication gem. Using this, the Bureau can send out messages and alerts to adventurers. For example, after a robbery the Bureau could send out a bounty alert to all adventurers within X miles of where the robbery took place.

The Nexus is an area within the Bureau of Adventuring which contains all news pertinent to adventurers: this includes things such as policy updates, and more importantly, a list of available missions. Missions have a variety of information listed for them. The usual information given is a description of the task, a general difficulty level, the general location, and contact info to pursue the task further.

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