There exist two forms of magic: Spellcasting, and Enchanting.

Spellcasting/Sorcery is nearly universally reviled, as it is incredibly destructive to the nearby land. Spellcasting draws upon the energy that plant-life and the earth inherently possess to fuel its workings. In this way, the signs of spell use in an area are incredibly obvious - the land near it will be practically dead, as if there had been nothing to sustain it for years on end. Spellcasters are only able to draw from the plant-life and the earth - the energy inherent in animals and humans is not able to be harnessed in this way.

Abuse of spells in an area can lead to the permanent deadening of an area, akin to salting the earth.

Mass abuse of spells in an area can warp it dramatically, producing phenomena such as mana storms or Aberrations (creatures which have been mutated due to an oversaturation of uncontrolled magic in the area). In extreme cases, such as in the Mana Wastes, this will set off a chain reaction, causing the area to worsen as time goes on.

Enchanting is generally accepted, though some still despise it because of its association with spellcasting. Enchanting works through harnessing the energy that lies within animals’ and humans’ bones - this energy, while inaccessible through spellcasting, is precisely what is needed to fuel the enhancing effects that enchanting provides.

Generally speaking, there are three types of bones:

Animal bones usually contain the least amount of energy out of the three, but are also obviously the most widely available. Due to the low amount of energy given and the large supply available, animal bones are most commonly used for mundane tasks, such as light enchantments in a city, or for a heating enchantment within a home kitchen.

Human bones contain more energy than animal bones (aside from the largest of predators). It is usually the family’s choice as to whether the remains of a relative will be buried, or put to use for enchanting.

Aberration bones are considered the most powerful, as they contain the most latent energy. These are most commonly used for armor and weapon enchantments - these consume large amounts of magical energy, which these bones can provide. Due to the need to kill aberrations to acquire these bones, the going rate on them is generally incredibly high, making them something of a luxury good within the adventuring world.

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